Hi I'm Christine Charles

Before I decided to become a life coach I did a lot of soul-searching, traveled to many nations, and attended many self-awareness courses. My dream of performing on stage got shattered along with my confidence at the age of 18 and I had no idea what to do with my life.

I worked hard, sometimes two jobs; sometimes three to find my way in an ever-evolving world until I sought out counselling, thinking something was wrong with me. It was my counsellor who told me to quit counselling and find a career coach and it was my career coach who recommended I take a course in life coaching, the rest is history!

“I believe 100%  in Life Coaching and the positive impact it will bring to your life, physically, mentally & spiritually.
Inside out.”

Alongside coaching, I have also been carving out a career within the people development arena.

Quick Facts

My Loves: Radio Presenting, encouraging people, creating content & travelling.

Lifestyle: I live a balanced life which includes eating balanced meals and sometimes not so balanced meals, I don’t follow any diets! Balance is key for me.

Lessons: There are so many, but one of the most public lessons for me took place in July 2011 when I  took an idea of delivering a national event for Coaches to Dionne Lewis Reid. The Coaches Networking Convention was born. This was meant to be an annual event designed by coaches for coaches. However, it didn’t work out that way. After delivering one successful event we parted ways and a coaching organisation ran with the concept, and have been successful at delivering it to this day. My lesson was that sometimes others can do it better than you and that’s OK.

Business: In my mid-twenties, before becoming a life coach, I set up a not for profit music and arts magazine, promoting the cultural scene in my home town of Birmingham. I pitched to the Arts Council for funding and was successfully awarded the finances to set up the magazine.  Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever way you look at it, this venture didn’t last long, as advertisers decided to go with a rival magazine with the same concept.

Wisdom: I learned a valuable lesson from that season of my life, and it is that there’s enough room in the world for everyone. And not everyone is you, even if you have the same goals or ambitions.

Why Life Coaching?

I have worked with many clients, been fortunate to have been trained by some incredible coaches such as Gerard O’ Donovan, Bev James & David Mcqueen, worked with leaders such as Shaa Wasmund & Daniel Priestley, and been blessed enough to have had the right mentors at the right moments in my career, tried and tested methods & tools have brought me to a place of success and supported my clients through theirs.

If you need to find a connection with yourself, your purpose in life, discover the barriers preventing you from being your best, understand why you’re not performing at work, need coaching on achieving your goals, or understanding what your goals are in the first place, then I can help you.

I am a heart-centred coach and believe in love and kindness, which is how human beings were made to be. Starting from a place of no judgment whilst challenging my clients when needed is how I coach.

Client Success Stories