Client Success Stories


My 'WHY'?

Thank you for your interest in my work as a life coach and broadcaster. I love seeing people grow through the medium of life coaching and broadcasting. One of my core privileges in life is to encourage people to make the most of their opportunities and achieve their purpose in life.

My 'why' of doing what I do is to reduce the risk of mental health, an area of health close to my heart. You reap what you sow is a biblical principle. There are many ways one can take this quote, for me this means having the right heart and attitude with what you sow into.

The flip side is that if you don't sow then you won't reap, which can present feelings of guilt and condemnation, creating a belief system that does not serve us or the world we live in. Sowing starts from within if you want to live inside out then join me on this movement!

I have the honour of radio presenting on The Health and Wellbeing Show for RadioPlus Coventry 101.5fm and have been since 2016. I was given the creative freedom to build this show from the ground up. After learning of my late father's diagnosis of vascular dementia this became an opportunity for me to contribute towards health and wellbeing, a core passion of mine.


A Journey Well Made

“The most powerful and successful breakthroughs, outcomes
have been when
my clients have become
aligned with their core values.”